Zaha Hadid Selects Sharp BIG PAD Interactive Displays As Preferred Design Tool

Zaha Hadid Sharp Big Pad Interactive Displays

Outstanding design is about precise and speedy collaboration, just as much as creativity and skill. That’s why the team at world-renowned architects Zaha Hadid have chosen BIG PAD displays from Sharp.

80% of the office space at the company’s headquarters in Clerkenwell, London, is now equipped with the BIG PAD interactive displays, as a communication tool for Zaha Hadid’s in-house design teams. The project aims to enable all those working on a project, from airports to opera houses, to be able to collaborate more efficiently, saving the company money and time.

The company uses digital tools throughout all stages of its workflow. From planning through drawing up initial designs, to revisions and mockups, architects and designers will have to make multiple alterations, as they have discussions with clients, before arriving at the finished concept. Although introducing a digital-first approach has revolutionised the efficiency of this process, the company were looking for ways to save time.

Harry Ibbs, head of Workflow and BIM at Zaha Hadid, has spoken about how a typical process might involve printing off a design iteration, then the whole team sitting around to discuss ideas, sketching any changes, scanning and emailing the design before printing it again and repeating the process. In contrast, the BIG PAD displays allow teams to discuss and mark up changes instantly, saving time and money.

After research, demonstrations from Sharp, and ensuring that the displays were as accurate as possible in their colour representation, the company chose to install four BIG PAD displays in each team’s meeting area. On the fourth floor, a 1080p Full HD screen is in use for video conferencing while, in other areas, 4K BIG PAD displays are used when genuinely high definition viewing is a must.

BIG PAD displays are highly flexible, and available both as wall mounted monitors or in other configurations such as a table. Specialist supplies such as Leemic can offer bespoke advice, consultations, and trials to help you see how a BIG PAD interactive display can help revolutionise your workflows, just as it has at Zaha Hadid.