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Professional Displays by Sharp

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Professional Visual Display - DI Group - Leemic
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The Sharp retail signage solutions that Leemic offer make use of smart connectivity and more integrated solutions such as cloud-based dynamic content for easy management and maintenance.

Sharp video walls are the perfect solution to show amazing detail over a large display area, without compromise on fine image detail or image size, and guaranteed to make a big impact. With high-brightness capability and the reliable quality to run 24/7, the Sharp video walls can be found in many retail stores, airports and emergency command and control installations.

Although the simple price of a display is an important purchasing factor, end-users are looking more and more at colour accuracy, good uniformity of brightness and colour – simply better pixel quality. In that vein, the demand for higher resolution goes hand in hand with better colour, and the Sharp professional display portfolio has grown with the addition of 4K UHD displays, which deliver the promise of more and better pixels. Particularly in the retail area, this can lead to more interest in luxury items, a heightened visual experience and finally more satisfied customers.

Sharp is a leading innovator in display technology and offers an effective and practical every day solution, while at the same time being the partner for amazing visual experiences today and tomorrow.

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