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Visual Solutions

At Leemic we understand the ever increasing need for simple and effective technology solutions for your working environment. That is why we supply a range of visual solution displays which can seamlessly enhance your working environment.

Sharp's BIG PAD Pro PN-80TC3

Interactive Display Solutions

Interactive display solutions allowing for effortless collaboration, communication and sharing. Their easy-to-use and highly responsive touch performance ensure that users are confident and can focus on their primary task. The beautifully developed applications tools are brilliant for any environment and ensure seamless integration with existing software and hardware. Whether in the boardroom or the classroom, interactive displays change the way you teach, collaborate and communicate.

Professional Visual Display - DI Group - Leemic

Professional Displays

The professional products we supply have specific capabilities including 24/7 operation, landscape, portrait and horizontal installation options plus high brightness and high resolution displays to ensure optimum effect in all conditions and locations.

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