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Enjoy A Premium Water Drinking Experience With Skywell®

The office has seen unprecedented change over the past decade. Mobile technologies have led to new and more efficient ways of working. While environmental concerns have increased pressure to reduce carbon footprints. This has forced companies to rethink every aspect of their office from smart air conditioning to cloud computing and more.

With the new Skywell 5TE, the humble water filter can now play a role in making your office fit for the 21st century. This state-of-the-art water generator not only makes drinking water a more enjoyable experience, it can also help you meet your social and environmental responsibilities.

The Skywell 5TE uses a patented water extraction and purification system to provide high-quality hot and cold drinking water direct from the air. No water outlet is required and there is no need for water to be delivered. Just plug it into a power outlet and you’ll have an almost endless supply of high-quality drinking water as and when you need it.

Benefits of Skywell

Skywell: Premium Water Drinking Experience
Better for the environment – reduces the need for daily water deliveries, saving up 100g of CO2 per 1ltre PET bottle.

Monitors water intake – helps employees monitor their water intake ensuring they remain properly hydrated throughout the day.

Convenient and portable – does not require a direct connection to a water supply. Only a power outlet is required, allowing it to be placed anywhere in your office.

No chlorine, chemicals or toxins – the advanced patented filter technology does not use any chemicals to purify water. This is not only better for your health and the environment it also improves the taste.

Skywell: Premium Water Drinking Experience
Display your own corporate branding – the interactive touchscreen can be used to display your own corporate branding.

Skywell: Premium Water Drinking Experience

How does Skywell work?

Unlike traditional water filtration systems, the Skywell 5TE does not require a dedicated water supply. It works by condensing water from the air around it. The extracted water is then passed through an advanced monitoring and filtration system which includes six filters, two ultraviolet lights and ozone treatment. This ensures every drop of drinking water is of the highest purity and quality.

In normal atmospheric conditions, the Skywell 5TE is capable of creating up to 18 litres of cold and hot filtered water per day. In offices with high water demand or areas of low humidity, the device can also be connected to a supplemental water supply. Drinking water is then monitored and filtered the same way as condensed water ensuring there is no difference in clarity, quality or flavour.

The Skywell 5TE is better for your health, better for the environment and can save you a significant amount of money compared to a traditional water filtration system. If you would like to experience the benefits of Skywell in your office. Get in touch with Leemic today on 0845 658 0537 or complete our contact form and we’ll get back to you with a tailored quote. The future has never tasted so good.