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Sharp MX-5071

Sharp MX-5071

The MX-5071 acts as a secure information hub for any fast paced small & medium businesses (SMBs) or medium size workgroups in large organisations. This new generation of MFP’s is the most advanced machine on the market and allows you to print at high speed without compromising on the quality of the output. It is fitted with a full range of features which have been designed to enhance productivity while keeping costs low and energy usage low.

The MX-5071 has a tiltable 10.1” LCD touchscreen control panel that provides quick access to the easy to use functions. It is also possible to customise even brand the screen to display logo’s, company updates or promotional messages. The machine also comes with built-in Motion Sensor avoids any delays by detecting an approaching user and instantly wakes the MFP from sleep mode. This saves on time, enhancing productivity but also helps keep energy consumption low when the machine is not in use. You can also check the status of the MFP with just a quick glance at the lights of the Status Communication Bar.

Scanning output from the MX-5071 is of a very high standard all devices. Text and graphics on documents from any application are accurately reproduced using Adobe PostScript 3 and an image density sensor maintains a consistent image quality from
first page to the last. All machines have an Adobe Embedded Printer Engine (AEPE) enhances printing for the technology driven workplace, delivering up to 80% faster printing from mobile, cloud and USB.

The Mx-5071 works hard to support you in your environmental goals and as well as reducing unnecessary power usage the toner cartridges automatically ejects only when the toner has been fully exhausted, saving toner and minimising waste. The MFP also comes with an array of software options to enable you to reduce waste and also optimising your work environment. The print release software enables the user to print documents at any MFP that is connected to the network. It also allows you to print of documents that are hosed online either via accessing a secure business cloud portal or via Onedrive, Google docs etc..

These MFPs conform to the Protection Profile for Hardcopy Devices (HCD-PP v1.0), which is the most up-to-date security validation for business, government and military organisations. So you can confidently handle the most sensitive data knowing that your MFP is incredibly secure. Each machine also comes with a Reversing Single Pass Feeder (RSPF)  or a Duplex Single Pass Feeder (DSPF) with a flashing LED that notifies you if any original documents are left behind, helping you to keep documents secure and GDPR compliant.