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Sharp BIG PAD Interactive Learning Table

Explore, Imagine, Play, Learn

Mobile Solution: rechargeable battery and pre-installed tailored apps

Built in speakers:

Scan Print and Share: to and from device

Bluetooth and WIFI enabled:

Flexible Storage: tilt-able 0-68 degrees plus lockable screen and wheels

Smooth and Hard-Wearing: antiglare coating with scratch resistance

Sharp’s unique UV2A LCD technology: for high visual clarity

SHARP Display: Connect for BYOD wireless collaboration

Display Size: 40″ (152,5cm) size with 1920 x 1080 pixels

Fast and Responsive: 10 point P-Cap Touch – up to 4 users

Complies with government syllabus:

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Sharp BIG PAD Interactive Learning Table

The Sharp BIG PAD Interactive learning Table: Early Years Edition is the perfect solution for any child-orientated environment. The device captures a child’s attention and allows them to explore their own imagination through drawing, writing, playing and learning.

Children can now interact with smartphones and tablets before they can walk and talk thanks to the intuitive and interactive nature of screens today. The Early Years Edition is a pioneering device that harnesses a child’s innate ability to interact and play with new technology whilst inspiring learning through the pre-installed educational apps and games.

The appealing design invites child interaction and the rechargeable battery pack allows the device to be completely mobile.

The 10 point touch technology means that the screen can be used by up to 4 children at any one time; encouraging collaborative learning, socialising, sharing and communication.

To  a watch a short video demonstration or to see the table in action please click here:  Video Demo

For further information on the Yellow Door Educational Learning Apps that have been developed exclusively for use on The Sharp BIG PAD Interactive learning Table: Early Years Edition. Please click here: Yellow Door Apps

Alternatively click here to download Yellow Door EYFS Curriculum App Information