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Interactive Activity Touch Table

Explore, Imagine, Play, Learn

Additional Features:

Operating System: Android

Bluetooth and Wifi enabled

Fast and Responsive: 10 point P-Cap Touch – up to 4 users

Battery pack usage time: 8 hours without the need for charging

USB import capability

Apps can be downloaded

Lockable wheels, completely portable

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Interactive Activity Touch Table

The Interactive Activity Touch Table is by far the most versatile and hardwearing interactive screen on the market. This device is fully integrated, portable and adjustable which is operated in exactly the same way as smart phone or an iPad.

The industrial grade can be used vertically like a television screen or digital whiteboard or laid flat like a table.

The 10 point capacity touch means that the screen can be operated by a maximum of four people at any one time, making it the perfect tool for collaborative learning, working or playing. The Interactive Screen can be operated vertically or laid flat at all height thanks to the inbuilt hydraulic stand, this unique feature makes the screen it fully adaptable for the user at just a click of a button.

The android operating system enables the device to be independently operated without the need for supporting device (computer, PC, tablet) like most visual displays. Apps can be downloaded directly to and the device via the inbuilt wifi capabilities. The screen also has a USB import and Bluetooth capabilities meaning that you can connect a device directly to the screen if necessary.

The in-built battery pack has a usage time of 8 hours without the need for charging and all of the cables are housed with the stand itself eliminating any potential trip hazards. The Interactive Activity Touch Screen also has lockable wheels, which means that it is completely portable.

Please click here to view a video demonstration of the product – Video Demo

The Interactive Table can be used in a host of different environments including but not limited to the following:

  • Education
  • Care Homes
  • Corporate/ Professional Services
  • Design
  • Architecture/ Property Development
  • Conferencing Facilities/ Hotels
  • Defense
  • Marketing
  • Retail
  • Sport