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Our Scotland Site is 7 today

Our Scotland Site is 7 today

A lot has happened in the past seven years, London hosted the Olympics, The UK voted for Brexit, in 2012 The Rolling Stones embarked on a world tour (which they are currently still on) and America voted Donald trump as the natural successor to Barak Obama to name a few “highlights”.

But most importantly for us here at Leemic, seven years ago today Leemic launched its Scotland office and we haven’t looked back since.

After amassing a small but significant client base in Scotland it was decided that the businesses needed to set up a site to service these clients effectively and efficiently. After a careful review of the key personnel in the industry it was decided that Sandy Muir, our Managing Director in Scotland, was the perfect candidate to oversee our Scottish inauguration. Under his leadership and guidance Leemic in Scotland steadily grew and has become a critical and crucial part of the wider Leemic business.

Leemic’s Scotland office officially began in Sandy Muir’s dining room, a short time after Lee Conington, our Service Manager in Scotland, joined and an official home for the business was found on the Earls Road Industrial Estate in Grangemouth. The business is now a fully functioning site with a strong team of 8, with many of the team joining shortly after our inception and thus continuing the Leemic tradition of staff loyalty.

Leemic’s Scotland office now account for over 25% of Leemic’s overall annual turnover and have around 550 machines in the field, over 30% of Leemic’s customer base, an incredibly impressive feat in such a short space of time.

The opening of a Scottish base marked a turning point in Leemics 46 year history. It signified a desire to grow and build our presence across the UK, service more clients and provide the level of customer support that has become our trademark. Thanks to Leemic Scotland’s success and the shining example Sandy, Lee and the whole Scottish team have set, last year saw the launch of Leemic London, meaning we can now provide nationwide support throughout the UK.

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