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Lexmark Printers & Photocopiers

Lexmark has a history of designing pioneering print technologies that provided clients from around the world with secure, efficient and economic print solutions. Founded in 1991, Lexmark have combined innovative design with industry leading knowledge to produced unparalleled, cost effective print devices that have garnered a worldwide customer base in a wealth of industries including financial services, healthcare, government and defence to name a few.

Lexmark is commonly considered a world leader in imaging and output technology solutions and managed print services. Lexmark have gained a significant reputation and won favour with many of the technology industry’s leading analyst organisations.

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Lexmark have an intrinsic relationship with their customers and place their needs at the heart of design and innovation at all times. This has fostered a culture of inquiry, collaboration and responsiveness that can be demonstrated in the solutions they create and the on-going customer care that they provide. This exceptional client engagement leads to client loyalty rates that exceed 95% across their worldwide client base.

Environmental objectives are a key consideration for Lexmark and their corporate social responsibility is based on creating a better world by focussing on people, the planet and the communities in which they operate. Lexmark’s commitment to company social responsibility is unilateral and balances economic, environmental and social considerations.

Lexmark’s respect for these principles applies to their own organisation and extends to their customers by developing devices that work hard in supporting their customers individual sustainability goals

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Worlds Most Secure Printers

With hundreds of millions of business printers worldwide, only 18% of companies are monitoring their printers for threats, meaning vulnerability is at an all-time high. Since 2017, we have seen 4 billion data records compromised, a 400% increase over the previous two years. All printers are exploitable portals and faces are the new Fingertips, protect your data with the only printers that can.

Lexmark printers securely build a bridge between digital and hardcopy information. Lexmark own core technology across services, solutions, hardware and firmware–creating seamless connections and reducing the risk of security gaps between the document, the device, the network and all points in between.

Lexmark devices are validated through an internationally approved independent laboratory using the latest policy guidance. Lexmark products are validated using the CCRA-approved IEEE 2600 protection profiles designed to define security threats related to hardcopy, security functionality to combat those threats, and provide assurance testing for a class of security devices related to hardcopy.

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