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Leemic Case Study - Westburn Medical Practice
Leemic Case Study - Westburn Medical Practice

A very busy local GP surgery in Falkirk, Central Scotland.

Practice Manager Jenifer Douglas endorsed Leemic’s integrated office solution:

“One of the main benefits of having the Sharp MFP is being able to scan patients notes via the feeder tray directly into Docman. This is a much faster, streamlined process than using the small desktop scanner. It also saves a huge amount on admin time. We have also started using the MFP to print patient prescriptions. The tray can hold up to 500 single sheet prescriptions which is a huge benefit, compared to our old printer which always ran out of paper very quickly. Yes, it does cost slightly more to rent, however, in the long run the money saved on toners and staff time outweighs this hugely. I have been really impressed with the help and expertise that Leemic has provided. They are always on hand when help is needed and if contacted have always got back to me the same day. Their support is very much appreciated.

If any busy practice is looking for ways to reduce costs and save on staff time, then make sure you contact Leemic and ask how they can help. They will!”

Issues Faced

The fast placed environment of a busy surgery places a lot of pressure upon the admin staff who have to keep patient records and files up to date. The previous antiquated system wasn’t able to keep up with the demands placed upon the front of house team and therefore caused added stress and time delays in the surgery.

The Solution

Leemic designed a bespoke solution that enabled the admin team to use technology to help them perform mundane tasks in a more time efficient manner. The Sharp MFP provided the team with the ability to scan patient notes directly onto their network free up valuable time for the admin team. The paper tray has the potential to hold up to 500 prescriptions at ay one time which was a vast improvement to the previous desktop printer that ran out of paper very quickly.

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