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werneth school


A secondary comprehensive based in Stockport, Greater Manchester. The school has a student body of around 1275 pupils and they have recently settled into new premises that has been fully kitted out with all the latest high tech facilities and equipment. Therefore selecting a bespoke print and document solutions provider was of paramount importance to compliment the new, modern, environment.

Issues Faced

Werneth school had previously relied on a suit of old desktop printers which were operated locally and could not be controlled via an overarching network. These printers were located across a labyrinth of classrooms and office throughout the old site. This lack of control caused many issues for the IT departments, as they had no control over the associated costs of these antiquated machines including the ordering of toners and consumables.

The Solution

After a rigorous tender process Werneth selected Leemic as their print solution partner. Whilst having a large degree of experience in the education sector, Leemic were also able to devise a bespoke solution that was strategically designed to minimise costs whilst easily handling the demands of a busy secondary school.

Leemic implemented a hybrid solution and used both Sharp and Samsung machines as well as a sophisticated software package that could manage and analyse all machines remotely.

Two light production machines were stationed in the reprographics room. These large-scale devices are used mostly by departmental staff and are used to produce learning collateral, news bulletins, assembly programs and updates to parents amongst other things. Having the facility to produce this depth of output in-house gave further control over costs, as the schools were no longer reliant on third party printers to circulate necessary information.

Six freestanding multifunctional Sharp printers were then positioned in key locations throughout the school. These locations were pin pointed after appraising the layout of the school verses the headcount, corridors, department classrooms and IT suits. These freestanding machines are for student and staff use alike and have been built with a biometric fingerprint reader (BioStore), which is linked to pupils or staffs individual ID number. This removes the need for pay for printing and also allows for individual monitoring throughout the school. This added accountability aids conscious printing as the user is forced to address their individual carbon footprint whilst also keeping costs low and under control. Leemic included a tray locking feature so paper could not be stolen and also ensured damage to these machines was kept to a minimum.

Twenty-two Samsung desktop printers and small multifunctional devices were then placed individually in key classroom and workspaces for light printing as and when the user, mostly teachers, required.

As previously stated the overarching software package was the key to making this solution work efficiently. Leemic selected PaperCut as the software provider to deliver the solution, as it is a unique and cutting edge piece of software that provides complete clarity and end-to-end control for the user. PaperCut allows for rule based printing, cost control and transparency over who is printing what. It submits reports on machine usage and toner levels as well as notifying both Werneth and Leemic of any issues, mis-feeds or breakdowns. This enables problems to be resolved, on site, long before they are often noticed by the user, minimising down time and keeping the whole system working, as it should.

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