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Peter’s Story

Peter, a Scottish gentleman, spent his formative years as an RAF Pilot and was stationed at an American Airbase (Ramstein) in Germany during his early twenties. Peter has been in a Care home in Fife for around two years. Unfortunately Peter is mostly bed bound these days and rarely visits the resident’s lounge to take part in any group activities, which limits his interaction with other residents. This had led to Peter becoming quite withdrawn over the last 18 months.

Patrick, a sales executive based at Scotland Office, arranged to provide a demonstration on site at the Care Home that Peter lived in. When one of the nurses mentioned Peter, Patrick suggested that they provide a personalised demonstration in his bedroom. Thanks to the nature of the device it is completely portable, as it has an inbuilt battery pack and lockable wheels.

At first Peter did not engage much with Patrick and was reluctant to open up about his history. So Patrick launched the Google Earth application to try and coax Peter out of his shell. At first they had a look at the Airforce base in Ramstein in Germany and then Peter mentioned where he returned to after the war was over. Peter was able to show where he lived in Falkirk town centre. He was also able to point to the local Supermarket with had formally been home to his favourite football teams (Falkirk FC) Stadium. Clearly still an avid fan Peter and Patrick then decided to watch YouTube to watch some recent clips of the current season.

It was the most interactive that Peter had been during his time at the care home. The nurses felt that they understood a lot more about him as a person and could now engage on a deeper conversation level, thanks to the interaction with the interactive activity touch table.

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