A lot has happened in the past seven years, London hosted the Olympics, The UK voted for Brexit, in 2012 The Rolling Stones embarked on a world tour

April 11th is National Pet Day, which can mean only one thing – a great excuse to bring your dogs into the office!

Leemic’s very own Rocky is set to take to the ring on Saturday 7th April to score some big bucks for the Christie,

Experienced business owners will be no stranger to the importance of working with trustworthy suppliers.

Staff development is a vital part of any business. After all, your employees are the core of your company.

At Inspire Expo 2018 in Edinburgh, Scotland, we were excited to see what our business partner

Out-of-date or buggy office technology can be frustrating.

In the digital age, technology is supposed to help us be more efficient in the workplace.

If your head is spinning from the rapid advance in technology last year, then buckle your seatbelt.

New data security rules mean businesses are under fresh pressure to ensure they deal with data properly.

Leemic are delighted to be a key sponsor of The Falkirk Herald Business Awards, which is due to take place Thursday 30th November.

2017 has been a year of development for Leemic.

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