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Meredith’s Story

Meredith is an 87 year old former artist, who has been a full time resident at a care home in Cheshire for the past 18 months. Although a sociable member of the home, she had struggled to engage in any games, puzzles or brain training activities since she had moved in. This is because she suffers from Parkinson’s disease, which strongly affects her motor skills and has left her unable to grip or pick up small objects.

Meredith has traditionally been quite skeptical of technology and when Steve, one of our sales team arrived on site to showcase the device, she pronounced that “It was a fad”. However, the more familiar she got with the device the more Meredith could appreciate the benefits of it. Meredith had a lot of satisfaction, especially with the painting app. In fact she was so captivated by it that she spent 20 minutes using a range of different colours – it reignited her passion for art. By the end of the demonstration Meredith had created her first masterpiece in years. Steve was then able to screen shot the image on the screen and wirelessly print it out. He was also able to email the picture, straight from the device, to her son Jamie.

The beautiful work of art now hangs on Meredith’s wall in her bedroom and also in Jamie’s office in St. Austell in Cornwall!

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