Improving Air Quality Could Increase Worker Performance By 20%

Office Environmental Conditions Windows Collaboration Display

A new report from Sharp highlights the impact workspace environmental conditions have on the performance of employees. The report, compiled in conjunction with workplace psychologist Dr Nigel Oseland, studied how air quality, temperature and lighting affects performance in meetings.

The results show that employee performance could be boosted by as much as 20% simply by improving the air quality in office and meeting rooms. And air quality isn’t the only environmental factor which impacts performance. Participants in the study displayed improved memory recall, increased attention spans and more creativity when exposed to optimal room temperatures.

Interestingly, the study also shows that optimum room temperatures change throughout the day. For example, gradually decreasing the temperature to 18ºC an hour before home time was found to boost productivity by 4.1%, significantly reducing the end of day productivity lull which most managers are familiar with.

When combined with previous studies which highlight how good office lighting can increase performance by 15% and improve employee wellness, helping them get more sleep at night, it becomes obvious that maintaining optimal environmental conditions in the workplace is beneficial for both employees and employers.

How to monitor office environmental conditions

But how can companies actively monitor and maintain optimal lighting conditions, air quality and temperatures in the workplace? A new Windows Collaboration Display from technology giant Sharp aims to provide the solution.

Launched at UC EXPO earlier this year, the new 70” interactive display uses an array of built-in IoT sensors to collect and monitor environmental data such as room temperature, air quality and lighting levels. This data can then be displayed on the monitor’s built-in WorkSpace Intelligence suite which provides real-time analysis of the environmental conditions in meeting rooms and collaboration spaces.

The data can also be connected to an IoT platform such as Microsoft Azure Digital Twins to create a truly smart connected office environment. When integrated in this way, real-time data could be sent to a building management system where it can be used to automatically optimise meeting room and collaboration environments.

If you would like more information about how the Sharp Windows Collaboration Display can help improve your office environment, contact your Leemic representative today or give us a call on 0845 658 0537.