Children In Need – Leemic’s Corporate Charity

Children In Need - Leemic's Corporate Charity

Leemic Proud To Announce Children In Need As Our Corporate Charity

Leemic have always been a business that has supported local community initiatives. Over the years we have been proud to support a range of charities and enterprises, including Grassroots, youth football for Help For Heroes and St. Ann’s Hospice. It has always been an important part of our culture and we are proud to have developed a strong sense of our corporate social responsibility.

However, although we have certainly done our fair share in terms of fundraising we have never had an official corporate charity that we partner with. As a growing business with three sites situated across the UK we wanted to partner with an organisation that operates nationwide. After speaking with the team and hearing their thoughts about what causes they felt passionately about, we decided we selected Children In Need.

Children In Need are a world famous charity that operate in virtually every postcode throughout the UK. They are involved with over 2,400 projects or grants which help them to achieve their three clear aims:

  • Every Child in the UK has a childhood which is SAFE
  • Every Child in the UK has a childhood which is HAPPY & SECURE
  • Every Child in the UK has a childhood which ALLOWS THEM THE CHANCE TO REACH THEIR POTENTIAL

Children in Need is synonymous with the BBC and the massive Telethon that takes place in October, however we will be dedicating our support throughout the year through various fundraising activities and initiatives.

At the moment we’re taking part in a few events here and there, but we’re endeavoring to get a steady schedule of fundraisers in the diary very soon. We’re excited to get started!