A new report from Sharp highlights the impact workspace environmental conditions have on the performance of employees.

Sunday, March 31st is World Backup Day. A day in which companies and individuals are encouraged to take the Backup Pledge and back-up data to the cloud or an external drive.

You can probably relate to the experience of sending mail to one of your colleagues, only to be hit with a blunt out-of-office response.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness can be a little overwhelming, not just for customers but businesses as well.

We are all aware of the need to be more eco-friendly at home to help improve the planet’s sustainability.

Work. Love it or hate it – and we all know which of those groups is biggest – we depend on it to pay the bills, and generally keep life ticking over.

The World Cup starts this week, and it is likely to be a topic that is hot on the lips of most of the people in your office.

Offices across the globe are working hard to reduce paper waste: avoiding printing where possible by signing documents digitally, creating electronic contracts, taking meeting notes on electronic devices rather than on notepads and more. But this

April 11th is National Pet Day, which can mean only one thing – a great excuse to bring your dogs into the office!

What could the new Government Legislation mean for your business? New data security rules mean businesses are under fresh pressure to ensure they deal with data properly.