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Black Friday And Cyber Monday – Is Your Business Ready?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness can be a little overwhelming, not just for customers but businesses as well. And if you sell products over the internet, you need to be ready for a potentially massive surge in traffic and orders on those days. The question, then, revolves around whether or not your business infrastructure is prepared to cope with that.

A growing phenomenon

Total online sales over this period have skyrocketed as the gradual move to online shopping has persisted. Black Friday sales online continue to increase year-on-year, and the risk is that online retailers simply aren’t ready to handle the tidal wave of activity that comes with offering discounts on these hugely popular days. A strong performance on key dates like these can define the success or failure of a business year, and without a strong IT infrastructure you could end up with the most costly downtime imaginable.

Some important statistics

According to a poll by Dynatrace, 3/4 of mobile device users would abandon an online retailer’s site if the experience was slow or buggy, and 1/2 would move on if the website or app took longer than 3 seconds to load. When traffic gets high, this means you need some seriously powerful IT to handle the workload, or you could lose out big time.

A costly oversight

A GT Metrix analysis of a range of online retailers through Black Friday 2017 was quite telling. H&M’s servers showed 2 PageSpeed score spikes on Black Friday, wherein users received a 503 error, which GT Metrix concludes was “likely due to inadequate hosting and resources”.

The impact of this would have been very negative both on visitor experience and, consequently, on H&M’s revenue. The traffic load was too high, and the inferior IT infrastructure just couldn’t cope.

Planning for success

No-one wants to have a mishap like this for their business. All it takes to avoid that is good planning and a well-managed IT infrastructure, as well as up-to-date office tech. As a leading Integrated Office Solutions provider, we take this matter very seriously and offer businesses a robust and powerful support network and set of products that won’t fault under the weight of Black Friday traffic. If you would like to know more about how we can help you perform well over this period, please feel free to get in touch today.