6 Things To Consider Before Buying A New Office MFP

6 Things To Consider Before Buying A New Office MFP

Choosing a new printer for your office can be a difficult and time-consuming process. There are so many things you need to think about, including the type of documents you’ll be printing, the number of employees using it, the estimated print volume and the security and confidentiality of the documents.

To help you make the right choice, in this article we are going to look at six considerations to think about before investing in a new multi-function printer for your office or workgroup.

1. Colour can make a BIG difference

The first choice you have to make when choosing a printer is whether to go for colour or monochrome. A monochrome printer will be cheaper to buy and operate, but the cost isn’t the only consideration. You should also think about the type of documents you will be printing.

If you print customer-facing documents you can increase the reader’s attention by introducing colour in specific areas. Research by the University of British Columbia shows that certain colours can enhance performance on certain tasks such as reading and memory retrieval by as much as 31 per cent.

So adding a little colour to your documents will help you connect with customers, making it more likely they will read your letter and respond to your material. That’s a win-win situation for most customer service and marketing departments which will far outweigh the cost of printing.

2. Today’s office printers need to be BYOD compatible

Gone are the days when your office printer served as a companion for your desktops. Today’s smart office uses several devices to connect to the network, including tablets, smartphones, surface hubs and workstations.

To function in this environment your office printer should embrace BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) technologies. That means your printer must be able to connect securely to any device easily to print high-quality documents.

Sharp Colour Advanced and Colour Essentials Series multi-function printers are designed to offer mobile printing technologies out of the box at no extra cost. What’s more, the solution is easy to set-up and use, making it more likely employees will use it.

3. Prioritise ease of use over features

When choosing a new printer it’s tempting to choose one which offers the most features. But printers with lots of features are often difficult to use. This results in most of these ‘expensive’ features going to waste. A wiser approach is to choose a printer which meets all your requirements and is easy for your users to master.

4. Speed is important, but not at the expense of quality

Nothing annoys workers more than having to wait for the copier to warm up. It is estimated that the average workgroup user spends almost 50 hours a month waiting for the copier to warm up. This is based on a typical warm-up time of 50-60ppm on 2-4-year-old printer running 15,000 pages per day.

By choosing a state-of-the-art MFP such as Sharp’s Colour Essentials series, the warm-up time is reduced to a few seconds. This will cut waiting times in half, improving office productivity without impacting quality.

5. Think about printer management and running costs

If you run a fleet of printers you will know how frustrating it is to manage the toner cartridges for each unit. Even if you have been careful and chosen a fleet from the same manufacturer, each model still requires a different toner cartridge.

Sharp’s Colour Advanced and Colour Essentials series printers solve this problem with each model in the range using the same toner cartridges. So now you can choose a printer with the right set of features without having to manage many different types of cartridge to run them.

6. Does it provide adequate levels of security?

With more and more network breaches being reported each year, security is a primary concern for most organisations. But a recent survey by InfoTrends highlights a worrying statistic. The survey, which focused on healthcare, government and financial services sectors, showed that organisations are prioritising endpoint and network security over their printing environment. This has led hackers to target printers as a weak point in the network.

By choosing a printer with the latest security features organisations can ensure all weak points on the network are protected. The new Colour Advanced and Essentials Series from Sharp offers several leading-edge security features including; application whitelisting, firmware attack prevention and the ability to identify a malicious intrusion. Administrators can also centrally manage access using Active Directory Group Policy.

If you would like more information about how the new Colour Advanced and Essentials Series MFPs from Sharp can help improve productivity and security in your office. Get in touch with your local Leemic representative today.